🏁About Salad

Enabling new economic opportunities through integrated ecosystems in Web3

Salad Ventures, headquartered in Singapore, is a X-2-Earn ecosystem project that uses innovative growth strategies and blockchain technology to help Web 3 projects scale. By incentivising activity on our platforms and partnering with other projects, we provide equal earning opportunities for our community members and promote growth for our ecosystem partners.

Salad’s three pillars are Play, Learn and Work. Our main products are Arcaden.com, Apollo.Academy as well as Maslow. Over 2.5 million NFT rewards have been minted by Salad’s community members as of May 2023, and together with our network of partners, Salad’s reach exceeds 6 million Web 3 savvy users globally.

Our Journey So Far

Salad's leadership comprises seasoned entrepreneurs and crypto natives, boasting a diverse team of over 20 members from Singapore, Malaysia, America, Europe, and the Philippinesβ€”the birthplace of the guild concept. Our team collectively possesses extensive operational experience, having worked with industry leaders, innovative startups, and agencies collaborating with Fortune 500 companies.

We are not just building an X-2-Earn ecosystem; we are setting the groundwork for a revolution in the Web3 world. Our commitment is to develop incentive models via the blockchain to reward playing, learning and working that engender a more equitable digital world. By championing these initiatives, we aim to be at the forefront of redefining the future of these fundamental facets of life.

We began our journey in early 2021 as a modest P2E guild, now called Apollo Squad, uniting over 1,000 skilled players and providing them with the necessary resources to thrive and generate income within the P2E domain.

Salad raised a $2m seed round led by Multicoin Capital, and subsequently a $13.5m round with a stellar roster of investors including C Squared Ventures, Crossbeam Venture Partners, Foundation Capital, Gemini Frontier Fund, Winklevoss Capital and Polygon Studios. These rounds also saw notable angels such as Santiago Roel, Jack Herrick and Anthony Pompliano added to the cap table.

For a full list of our investors and backers, Click Here.

Salad has since levelled up our internal capabilities, moving towards an ecosystem play. We have a Learn2Earn Platform known as Apollo Academy, a Play2Earn Platform known as Arcaden, and are working on a Decentralised Labour Exchange (DLX) known as Maslow.

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