💡A2 Alphas

Reach, Connect & Educate Thousands, in just 20 Minutes.

Apollo Academy is THE Web 3.0 education platform. Our mission is to curate, co-create and consolidate the latest alpha and insights with regards to blockchain and cryptocurrency.

With this platform, we strive to encourage the rate of mass adoption through education and are looking for partners to work together and make this aspiration, a reality.

We aptly name these partners, our A2 Alphas.

To date, we have over 100 A2 Alpha Partners and counting from some of the most notable projects in Web 3.0. Partners can contribute to Apollo Academy in various ways such as Seminars, AMA Sessions, Courses, Panels and even Live Speaking Opportunities at our events.

To find out more, visit https://apollo.academy/a2-alpha-partner/

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