The Future of Work 3.0

Maslow is a Decentralised Labour Exchange (DLX) which plans to use NFTs as credentials to verify the capability, reliability, and honesty of both Employees and Employers on our platform. It is a project that combines the best of traditional platforms like Upwork and Fiverr with the added benefits of blockchain technology.

Transactions and payments will be done via smart contract technology allowing workers to connect directly with clients, allowing them to transact securely and efficiently without the need for intermediaries.

The platform will be focusing on 3 main markets; the gigs economy, the freelancer market, as well as the full-time/part-time job market beginning with the former.

In its current form, the product is branded as a X2E job board and provided as a service to Web3 projects and other employers looking for a Web3-native workforce. Eventually, Maslow would be launched as a bidirectional marketplace where employers and employees can both post listings about jobs and services provided respectively.

By leveraging the benefits of Web3 technology, such as blockchain, smart contracts, and token-based incentives, Maslow aims to create a more transparent, fair, and cost-effective solution for both workers and clients.

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