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Phases of Salad's growth
✅ Phase 1
⏳ Phase 2
⏳ Phase 3
⏳ Phase 4

Public Launch & User Acquisition (H2 2022)

✅ Salad Ventures - Introducing the Salad Passport

Before 2022 ended, we launched the Salad Passport campaign on Galxe. It is the official SBT (Soulbound Token) for Salad Ventures, using KYC (Know Your Customer) as the condition to mint via the ownership of the Galxe Passport. As of 16th March 2023, more than 28,000 NFTs have been minted. This is the first key requirement for our community and users to enter and explore the ever-evolving Salad X2Earn ecosystem.

✅ World of Arcaden: G3M NFTs - Genesis Launch

In line with our Salad Passport launch, we soon introduced our G3M NFTs campaign via Galxe on the BNB Chain.
As of 16th March 2023, over 1 Million NFTs from this collection have been minted.
While anyone can participate in the G3M Campaign and mint Purple G3Ms after completing a variety of tasks, forging them to get rarer G3Ms is only eligible to "real users". This KYC-gated feature requires users to own the Salad Passport to unlock it.

✅ Arcaden - Conceptualisation and POC

We conceptualised and built, launching the alpha version to a private group of users to collect feedback and proof of concept. We also completed the mobile version of the platform that can accept multiple tokens in exchange for credits used to play hyper casual games. Users can get tickets by playing games on the application, with each ticket giving them one chance to spin the gacha machine and win NFT prizes.

✅ Maslow - Conceptualisation and POC

We started the conceptualisation and development processes of Maslow, a Decentralised Labour Exchange (DLX). A proof of concept model of Maslow was built for micro-tasks such as for app downloads and a successful campaign was run to test the app's job assignment and reward functions.

GuildOS - Opening the Floodgates with Core

After developing GuildOS:Core which is currently used by the Apollo Squad, we onboard guild owners and their scholars periodically to collect real user feedback. This enables us to work towards developing the most robust platform possible.

Apollo Academy - A New, Better Academy

We rebranded Salad Academy to the Apollo Academy, expanding its scope and offerings to include seminars, AMAs, podcasts and written content to educate the Web3 masses.

Growth & Distribution (H1 2023)

✅ Maslow - Continued Development & Refinement

We will continue developing Maslow to improve its User Offerings and work on releasing a gig marketplace.

✅ A2cademy - Partnership Growth

Since relaunching the academy, we have worked with more than 100 A2 Alpha Partners in just a little over 3 months to produce quality educational content. Our focus is on forming more partnerships with esteemed projects and value-adding our users with more content.

✅ - Public Beta Launch

Arcaden will open its doors to the public, with public registration and whitelisting wallets. This will allow users to start engaging with the digital arcade and win prizes.
Arcaden will also work towards accepting the Purple G3M NFT from the G3M NFTs Series as its primary currency in exchange for credits to play the games and improve its platform.
The Arcaden Task Masters (ATM) Partnership Program will also be introduced so that Arcaden's partners can benefit from its userbase and reach.

✅ World of Arcaden: G3M NFTs - Website, Litepaper, New NFTs, Leaderboards and Base Character NFT launch

We will continue building the World of Arcaden by introducing new NFTs and mechanics to the campaign (such as loot boxes, forging and more).
The official website will also be launched with the lite paper for the campaign. Users can look forward to more rewards with our leaderboard feature and also to our Character NFT Profile Picture NFT release.

Ecosystem building (H2 2023)

⏳ Salad Ventures - $SALD Token Generation Event

We will work with launchpad partners and exchanges to distribute $SALD to our community-at-large and backers. $SALD is the key to unlocking Salad's products and innovations.
We will also be undertaking aggressive efforts to increase access to tokens via token listings on more exchanges.
Staking rewards will be announced to incentivise staking of $SALD tokens.

⏳ - New Features

Arcaden will further improve it's platform such as integrating with Metamask as well as bring minting/forging for all World of Arcaden NFTs to its own native website $SALD tokens can be staked to earn Arcaden credits.

⏳ World of Arcaden: G3M NFTs - Dynamic NFTs & Gamified Leaderboards

We will be introducing the Dynamic NFT features for the Base Character Profile Picture NFT, which will allow collectors to equip their NFTs to their main character. We will also be introducing more cosmetic items which will allow players to keep their stats from their equipment, but also customise their characters' aesthetics further.
Leaderboards will also be further gamified and a clan feature will be introduced.

Development & Revenue Generation (H1 2024)

⏳ Arcaden Marketplace

Arcaden will launch its own NFT Marketplace to allow our NFT collectors to trade directly on our platform. The marketplace will be powered by the $SALD token.

Maslow - Beta Launch

Maslow will be launched with our beta partners and a select number of users.