💎World of Arcaden - G3M NFTs

Collectable NFT Rewards - Perfect for a X2Earn Ecosystem

The World of Arcaden - G3M NFT Series consists of G3Ms with several rarity tiers that can be obtained through various tasks such as retweeting a tweet, testing an app, attending an AMA, or attending an in-real-life event hosted by Salad.

The difficulty, frequency and time required for the task will determine the reward, with more challenging tasks yielding higher rewards. Collectors can mint and use the Purple G3M to forge G3Ms to higher tiers and participate in leaderboards to earn additional rewards. The G3M NFT Series is built on BNB Chain, as a BEP-721 Token.

G3Ms can also be traded and/or purchased via marketplaces such as opensea.io

While the G3M Campaign is open to all, the forging feature will only be available to those who have undergone Know Your Customer (KYC) verification and have obtained the Salad Passport in order to minimise (if not prevent) exploitation of the minting system.

To incentivize collectors, a leaderboard system will be implemented and rewards will be distributed on a monthly basis. There will be two rewards systems in place, with details on how to qualify and the specific rewards offered to be announced at a later date. The leaderboard and reward system provide an additional layer of engagement and competition for collectors, encouraging them to increase the rarity and value of their G3M collection through forging and other means.

Only wallets with the Salad Passport minted are qualified to participate in the leaderboards.

The prize pool of the leaderboard will be affected by several factors such as number of active participants, new users acquired (number of Salad Passports minted), trading volume of the G3M NFTs, as well as partnerships and sponsorships for the campaign. This will be determined on a month to month basis.

Find out more about the G3M NFTs Series by reading our litepaper, here.

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