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Core Team & Advisors

Comprising veterans in business, blockchain, and human capital management, the Salad team is passionate about P2E and unlocking the new opportunities that this fast-changing industry has to offer.

Felix Sim - Co-Founder & Project Lead

Felix is a dynamic entrepreneur, passionate husband, and loving father of three. With over a decade and a half of expertise in the financial world, including investment banking, hedge funds, and consulting, he brings a wealth of knowledge to his role as the project lead of Salad. Here, he drives innovation, engages with the Web3 community, and crafts the future of Work 3.0.
His captivating presence on stage has earned him a reputation as a sought-after speaker, gracing the stage on prestigious platforms like Seedly Personal Finance Festival, podcast appearances on Empire by Jason Yanowitz and Santiago Roel Santos, 51% with Mable Jiang and publications such as Channel News Asia and Venturebeat, TechInAsia, Bitcoinist and ChainDebrief.

Wesley Mathews - Co-Founder & Community Lead

Wesley Mathews, also known as Captain Aqua led the Apollo Squad to a number one ranked position on the leaderboards during his days as an Axie Infinity Guild Master. He is also a 3-time Blockchain game world champion with Xtalnia.
Using his experience within GameFi, Wesley has decided to harness the power of gamification towards building communities.

Patrick Tan - Chief Financial Officer

Patrick has many years of management experience in the oil, gas, and chemicals assets industry, and is well-versed in corporate management, commercial, finance, operations, project development and mergers & acquisitions
He leads financial operations and strategy in Salad across all internal and external projects, which includes revenue generation, profitability and go-to-market strategies.

Stephanie Chay, General Manager

Stephanie has over 15 years' of experience heading functions for multinationals like UOB and Platts in the finance and oil & gas industries. On top of her HR and management experience, she is also a serial entrepreneur who has run businesses in the F&B and childhood education spaces.

Jona Tan - GameFi Lead

A crypto-gaming native, Jona holds over 5 years of experience in operations and education management, having worked at organisations like Cognita Schools, Garang and Crowne Plaza Hotels.
As P2E Lead, Jona now heads research and development at Salad Ventures with a focus on unearthing new, latent opportunities in the play-to-earn space as well as product management.

Gabriel Matthias Sim - Growth Lead

Gabriel is a growth expert with over 7 years of experience in marketing and business development across industries. Born and raised in Singapore with an entrepreneurial spirit, he founded a marketing agency that grew to a 7 figure business within 5 years and was later acquired.
He is currently the Growth Lead at Salad Ventures, where he has achieved notable accomplishments such as acquiring over 50,000 students for their e-learning platform Apollo.Academy and launching a successful NFT series, with over 800,000 minted and 25,000 KYC-ed users in just 30 days.

Chloe Alena Then - BD & Partnerships Lead

Chloe is an accomplished digital marketer with extensive experience working with renowned global brands like Huawei, Tiffany & Co. and Disney. Her expertise lies in advertising and media buying, which she has refined while working at various global agencies in Singapore.
Through managing various clients and campaigns, Chloe has also honed her skills for Business Development and forming strategic partnerships. As the Business Development Manager at Salad Ventures, Chloe has managed and organised over 20 events to date, that aims to connect builders in the Web2.5 and Web3 space. With over 4,000 attendees from 700+ organizations, these events have now become the go-to place for networking in the industry.
From these attendees, Chloe has managed to help form impactful partnerships, as well as secure sponsorships for Salad's events.

Samantha Koh - Communications & Marketing Manager

Samantha is an experienced marketing and communications professional with a diverse range of skills and expertise. Her recent role as Project Manager at Apollo Academy (the e-Learning Portal for all things Web 3.0 by Salad) involves leading a team to plan and execute marketing campaigns, generate leads, manage communications with existing partners and produce engaging content for social media.
She is also Marketing & Communications Manager for Salad Ventures where she plans and produces content for the company's social media, collaborates with partners on campaigns, secures media features for the company's leadership and promotes the company's events.


Charles Wayn

Charles is the Co-Founder of Galxe. Created by Bullet Labs, Galxe is the leading Web3 credential data network in the world. A collaborative credential infrastructure enabling brands and developers to engage communities and build robust products in Web3. (Formerly Project Galaxy)

Jack Yeu

Jack lives and breathes crypto as co-founder and CCO at Switcheo, where he has launched various market-leading projects like ZilSwap, Carbon and Demex.

Steven Khong

A true-blue tech enthusiast, Steven has over 10 years' experience in software development and engineering at companies like Switcheo and NGNRS.

Alvin Poh

Alvin is an internet entrepreneur, angel investor and published author passionate about growth and scaling. After the sale of his web hosting business Vodien in 2017 for $30M, he is now a business coach and mentor who helps companies scale through systems and efficiency.

Alex Svanevik

Alex is a true blockchain native with over 10 years' experience in data analytics, management consulting and cryptocurrencies. He is currently CEO at a16z-funded blockchain analytics platform and also founder of the Data Scientist DAO.

Ingrid Sia

Ingrid is a blockchain native and marketing enthusiast who has held roles at various leading organisations in the space, including Nansen, Bybit and Switcheo. Currently the Head Of Marketing at Nansen.

Anton Uvarov

Anton is co-founder and partner at Kosmos Ventures, an investment firm focused on helping blockchain startups scale. With a keen eye for opportunity, Anton and his team have been among the early supporters of top crypto projects like Solana, Algorand and Fantom.