📜Arcaden Task Masters

Your Wish is Our Command.

The Arcaden Task Masters program is an exciting opportunity for partners to gain increased exposure and engagement for their projects. As a partner-facing initiative, Arcaden's goal is to provide value to its partners by incentivising users with rewards for completing tasks related to partner projects. These tasks may include social media engagement, connecting with the project via AMAs or events, and signing up as users for partner projects.

One of the benefits of being an Arcaden Task Master is the ability to receive rewards for completing tasks related to partner projects. With several partnership tiers available, partners can offer rewards ranging from free to paid options depending on the difficulty of the task. As a Task Master, users can earn varying amounts of rewards depending on the task and the partnership tier.

Partners can choose to sponsor the rewards in a variety of ways, including NFTs, stablecoins, and $SALAD tokens. By sponsoring rewards, partners can increase engagement and visibility for their projects while also providing a unique and valuable experience for users. The flexibility of the Arcaden Task Masters program allows partners to choose the type and amount of rewards that best fit their project needs and budget.

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