📚Apollo Academy

The Education Platform for all things Web 3.0

Apollo Academy (formerly known as Salad Academy) was initially conceptualised as an educational course platform to teach all things GameFi. It has since been rebranded and is growing by leaps and bounds, having acquired over 100,000 students despite the bear.

What's New?

Apollo Academy (more commonly known as A2cademy) offers a wide variety of mediums and topics for learning. These include Courses, Seminars, Podcasts, Panel Discussions, AMAs and more.

While we started primarily focused on GameFi related topics, we have since expanded our curriculum to include all topics Web 3.0 including DeFi, TradeFi, NFTFi, and more.

Our content is co-created by our A2 Alpha Partners, who are founding and higher management members of some of the most notable projects in Web 3.0. These partners are carefully curated by our team to ensure our students get only the best content.

Funding sustainable education

In the short to mid-term, Salad intends to make the Academy free for all to ensure as many people as possible can access it. It is also completely free for our partners to contribute to the Academy.

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