The Ultimate Gamified Earning Experience.

Arcaden is an online casual games arcade that supports the X-To-Play-To-Win approach. The platform offers a new way to earn rewards by depositing our G3M NFTs in exchange for credits, play games, and win prizes such as rare NFTs and more.

Arcaden is designed to be accessible to a wide range of users and provides an opportunity to earn rewards without significant investments or specialised skills.

Flappy Copter, one of the most popular games on Arcaden.com

Users can deposit G3Ms on Arcaden to access a range of casual games and earn rewards by playing. As users play games, they earn credits that can be exchanged for more G3Ms or other rewards. This creates a self-sustaining ecosystem where users are incentivised to participate and earn rewards, driving traffic and real value to the ecosystem partners.

Arcaden plans to incorporate its NFTs further into its platform, with plans to create a gamified experience and add additional utility for our NFTs.

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