Salad Passport

Proof of Person - Providing Earning Opportunities to real people
In December 2022, Salad Ventures launched its official Soul Bound Token in collaboration with Galxe. We created the Salad Passport with the goal in mind, to provide various earning opportunities for the community members of the #SaladFam.
To ensure that these opportunities are not exploited, KYC (Know Your Customer) verification is required in order to mint the Salad Passport, which is required to access some of our more important community and user benefits.
Ownership of the Salad Passport proves that the user is a real person, and has the desire to explore such opportunities to earn.
Over 20,000 users minted the Salad Passport within three months of launch.
The Salad Passport is the first key required to explore the ever-evolving Salad X2Earn ecosystem. As Salad embarks on its mission towards the future of work, we’re focused on building our own infrastructure for the future Web 3.0 work economy, working with partners to provide opportunities to earn income via the blockchain.
These X2Earn opportunities will be released progressively, starting with our G3M NFT Series.